Swapper Not Opening

Try these troubleshooting steps if Pro Swapper doesn't seem to open.

First of all, please make sure you downloaded Pro Swapper from the linkvertise download

The filename should be ProSwapper.Client.exe, if Pro Swapper came in a zip file with a password it is fake, we recommend you delete it and do a virus scan on your PC using Windows Security or Malwarebytes.

After confirming you have a real Pro Swapper downloaded try the following steps.

  • Install Microsoft's .NET 6

  • Install Microsoft's VC Redist

  • Turn off any anti viruses you have including Windows Security.

  • Try opening the swapper as Administrator by right clicking ProSwapper.Client.exe and clicking Run as administrator

  • If you get a network error when opening Pro Swapper such as a 404, try using a vpn. Proton VPN is a good free VPN.

  • Try turning off your firewall

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