Frequently Asked Questions for Pro Swapper

Here are some answers to your burning questions!

  • Does Pro Swapper Ban?

Pro Swapper will NOT ban you from Fortnite as Epic Games does not seem to ban for file modification to modify cosmetics.

  • Does Pro Swapper work on GeForce Now?

GeForce Now is Nvidia's "Cloud Gaming" service, this plays Fortnite on another PC so you're playing Fortnite on a computer which isn't yours, which means you cannot install third party programs/software such as Pro Swapper.

  • Why can't other people see my skin?

If you're using the lobby swapper, other people will be able to see your skin in lobby.

If you're using an ingame swapper, the swapper is client sided which means that only you are able to see it because of the way that Fortnite processes skin data.

  • Does Pro Swapper work on PS4, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, Mobile?

The swapper is only available for Windows. (Most recommended on Windows 10/11)

  • How many items can I swap without getting kicked?

There is no real maximum numbers of items you can swap but it's good to keep it around 1-2, some items together are more likely to kick, you can try and experiment to see what kicks and doesn't kick.

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